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What are we doing?

We are a start-up company aiming to provide convenience for foreigners living in Japan by creating a community consisting of small businesses, in which foreigners (and Japanese) can support each other.

How does it work?

We provide C-to-C business platform in multiple languages. It is a type of business in which people can trade directly with each other.

What makes us different?

Our aim is not only to make people within our community to be able to directly trade goods or services, but also to strengthen trust with other member inside the community.

OUR site:

This is a 2nd hand goods selling/buying platform for foreigners living in Japan (currently in Hokkaido).

We also have facebook page, feel free to check it.

what's new

Thanks for the Niseko people who joined this

12/18/2021: Thanks to everyone for being part of our event at Niseko in very bad wether. This time we got a lot of clothes.
We are planning to do this kind of event again somtimes in Niseko. Please check out homepage for futuer schedule.

Thanks for coming to Flea Market

12/12/2021: Thanks to everyone for being part of our flea market. This time we got more than 20 people came.

Our next flea market is planned in the beginning of next year and date will be anounced here.

Please check our homepage and be updated.

Special Event

Donation at Niseko(finished)

12/8/2021: We are going to have Donation at Niseco.

Plrease bring your goods.

Date:December 17th

Time: 13:00-14:00 (1 hour)

Place:Sunsports Land Kutchan

41-5 Kabayama, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido

Flea Market (finished)

at Sappro near Odori park

11/7/2021: We are going to have Flea market in December for Hokudai students. We sell many clothes, shoes, used small house appliances, and others. Come and get your needed goodies cheap.

Date: December 11th, 2021

Time:13:00-15:00(2 hours)

Place: 20-1,minami 1jo, nishi 6chome, chuoku, Sapporo JOBKITA BLDG 1st floor.

Thanks and next time schdule

11/7/2021: Thanks to everyone for being part of our Donation event. This time we got 36 bags. We plan to have 6 more of these events inside the same church at the South Gate. So if you have more clothes, please bring them to us in one of these days. Schedule may change dues to weather condition or place availability so check the update news.

Place:Hokkaido university campus South gate


1) Novenber 26,2021 14:00-14:45 (45 min) _finished

2) December 24st,2021 14:00-14:45 (45 min)_finished

3) January 28,2022 14:00-14:45 (45 min)_finished

4) February 25,2022 14:00-14:45 (45 min)

5) March 26,2022 14:00-14:45 (45 min)

6) April 23rd,2022 14:00-14:45 (45 min)

Donation Event(Finished)

10/18/2021: Bring your unused clothes if you are near Hokkaido University campus.

We bring all to the Co-op clothes donation place after this event.

October 21st,2021 12:00-12:45 (45 min)

Hokkaido university campus South gate


2gijin new release

now available with your smartphone

07/01/2021: check and join our new 2 gaijin site.

Join our seminar(FINISHED)

3rd Choice-Seminar on building your start-up in Japan

01/13/2021: If you are interested in to start "start-up business " in Japan, join this seminar Feb.5, and 7th in Sapporo. Register now with FB.

Won the EWC Japan final 2020

08/27/2020: We were chosen as the winner of Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 Japan Finals.

check the detail.

HP renewal

05/05/2020: We are going to serve you new version of our platform soon.

05/05/2020: We were chosen for top 6 team for Hult prize Melbourne.

See the link on the title.

Won 1st place in HULT Prize Hokkaido University

16/12/2019: We got chance to do a 5-minute pitch for Hult Prize at Hokkaido University event, and we got the 1st place!

joined Onlab HOKKAIDO incubator

09/20/2019: Even though we did not get the 1st place, we got good response from audience.

We had a chance to join incubation program held by D2 Garage and Hokkaido Newspaper joint company Onlab for 3 months. We learned more about the business and about our own idea during this short time period. We polished our idea and did a pitch in the final.

Check with your own eyes on YouTube

Started company

07/09/2019: stating as a company

In July 2019, two other team members came and four of us decided to register ourselves as a company under Kitalabs name. Currently, there are four team members consisting of 2 Indonesians, 1 Japanese and 1 Azerbaijani.

Just do it


Two of our members had an idea of creating platform where foreign students in Japan can interact and help each other. 2gaijin was started based on this idea.

2gaijin's initial idea was to reduce waste problems that mainly caused by students leaving Japan, leaving behind many unused items like washing machine, fridge, and other big bulky items. 2gaijin is created for foreign students to easily sell or give away those items to other students.

Within first week of our experiment, we were able to get positive feedback, and even getting a small profit from 2gaijin.