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Address : Crosspoint 506, 5 Chome 2-50, Kita 20 jonishi, Kita Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 001-0020

Phone : 080-9684-8953

住所:001-0020 北海道札幌市北20条西5丁目2番50 Crosspoint 506


古物営業許可 第101280002475号

more about us

We are FOREIGN students

KitaLabs is a company established in Sapporo Japan by foreign students studying at Hokkaido University. Two of the members are from Indonesia, one is from Azerbaijan, and another is a Japanese who has experience living in USA for many years.

We are I.T. service developer (in progress)

We are developing our platform without any help from third party. It helps us to create unique solutions for our own needs in order to deeply understand about our own system from scratch.

We are also planning to sell our service to outside clients if they also need some IT solutions, which may include:

  • app development

  • professional web-building

  • server maintenance

  • and other IT solutions

We know HOW FOREIGN students FEEL!

KitaLabs team consists of foreign students from Hokkaido University and we all have similar experience living as foreigners in Japan and other countries.

Living as foreigners is stressful, as there is cultural shock, and even reverse cultural shock when you go back to your country. We are trying to change this painful experience into something productive and helpful, specially for other foreigners living in Japan.

We manage your unwanted items!

In Japan, you must pay for disposing big and bulky items!

Big garbage like furniture, fridge, gas stove, microwave,and washing machine need as much as 4000 yen for disposal fee.

If your items are still usable, we can help you finding new home for them! we will help you passing them to other people in need. Your unwanted goods can make somebody happy.


Japanese Home Appliance Recycling Law