second hand platform FOR FOREIGNERS IN JAPAN

Gaijin is Japanese word for the outsider. "Gai" means outside, external, and "jin" means person. 2gaijin.com is a 2nd hand item platform developed for foreigners by foreigners. This platform is also a platform for foreigners to connect with each other through means of 2nd hand items trade.

-You have to pay for trash your household goods

Japanese Home Appliance Recycling Law

-You have to buy bag to put your trash

(Sapporo) 指定ゴミ袋の種類と価格

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D.M., South Africa

Absolutely amazing services, they were very patient with me and helped me out at very short notice. I recommend them highly, best service

D.R., Canada

An excellent service. Would recommend in a heartbeat!

H.Y.E. turkey

Quick service and helpful staff. thank you:)

M, indonesia

Great service!! I got nice fridge from this website. 5/5 for both the fridge and the service. Recommended!

S.F.S., india

Excellent service and the use of technology to order is fabulous. I am really very grateful to gaijin for being so patient and friendly with me. Keep up the great work. Would definitely recommend them

I.L., philipines

I can't thank these guys enough! They were highly skilled, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend their services.

I.K., russia

easy and quick, flexible by time and location

Thank you guys