We have gotten many helps and assistance from people who we personally know and we do not. This page for expressing our deepest gratitude and our thanks.

Once again, thank you very much!

logo designed by Suzette Josephine

This logo is designed to resemble a smiling face, which is the same as one of Kitalabs main work ethic, which is creating a fun working environment.
The creator of KITALABS logo, we owe our splendid and creative logo to Ms. Suzette. Graduated from Lasalle Art School in Singapore, she is now currently working in Singapore as graphic designer.

photo by Hudson Hintze

STRENGTH in UNITY. If a community becomes stronger, we can confront any kind of tough situation together.

photo by J W

ACTION MATTERS. No matter how small it is! what is the most important is sincerity!

photo by Roman Kraft

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You should stay connected with your community to grow stronger!

photo by Kelly Sikkema

BE NICE TO EACH OTHER! Kindness is contagious! if you are nice to someone, there is a chance that he or she will be nice to other people!

photo by Kaspars Eglitis

DO NOT WASTE! Someone's trash can be valuable for other people in need!
We have not yet opened 3gaijin. But hopefully, we will provide good service platform.