Trust as a key for Strong Community

Foreigners living in Japan face different kinds of issues and as fellow foreigners we want to help them dealing with the same problems that we faced before.

We believe that the best way to provide such help is to trust each other and to create community based on the trust. Trading and business opportunity can be used as a medium to see how trustful each person is. Community consisting of people that can be trusted is the main philosophy of 2gaijin.

Comfy place for foreigners

As a foreigner, it is hard to get information in Japan due to language and cultural barrier. For example, all job information posted in local Japanese websites are written in Japanese (even for jobs that do not require Japanese skills!). Even though number of foreign people is growing, access to local information still is not easy for foreigners to reach. We want to make it easier for foreigners to obtain information by keeping them connected.

Business for everyone

In Japan, business should not be only for big companies. If individuals can be trusted and they want to start their own business, then why not helping them to do so. We are also trying to create a system and guidance for foreigners to start their own business in Japan.

We are trying to help foreigners (and japanese)

Living in a foreign country is not easy no matter where you are. As a foreigner, it is difficult to start a new life unless you are rich.

How can we help each other?

We created 2gaijin as a mean for foreign students to conveniently trade some unwanted items. Even though there are many sites like this in Japan, it is hard to see which users can be trusted and which users are not.

Experience taught us many things!

We have been managing trade of 2nd hand items in 2gaijin and it taught us many things, particularly with users behavior.

Most users are trying to get rid of their unwanted items as quick as possible, giving less regards to item price, as long as they do not need to pay for disposal fee. In some cases, a very few users are trying to sell items that are beyond repair, and in most cases we were able to return these items to users who are responsible.

Trust is everything!

Based on this kind of experience dealing and managing trade of second hand items, we have come up with an idea of trust system, in which users can easily evaluate how trust-able another user is, before doing business activity with him or her.

Your acts create COMMUNITY

Every small action matters and every good deed counts!

In Japanese, there is a word "Kaizen", that has meaning of "building a big thing starts from small improvement every single day", and this is what we are trying to build, a community full of people that can help and can trust each other, regardless of nationality, age, gender and other background.