our voice

This page tells why we do this activity.


We have core 5 values that are making us strong and move forward.


if you can laugh even in stressful situation you will survive.


Trust keeps relationships strong, and makes them long lasting.


Challenging situation can open new horizons.


We believe that time is more valuable than money, since money can be made, but time is always limited.


It is important to be surrounded with people who love and appreciate you.

why we do it

Even though Internet is able to connect people regardless of distance, we believe that there is lack of emphasis on connecting people who are actually living close to each other.

Connecting people who are actually living close to each other will boost solidarity and will make it easier for people to get help from each other, thus creating a community regardless of nationality.

selling/buying is not only money exchange

We spend time at work and receive salary. We convert our time into money and then spend it to buy items. Selling and buying involves not only money, but also time.

A failed transaction will also cost time; this is why trust is important to avoid losing time due to failed transaction resulting from lack of trust.

helping others makes you fell good.

One of our team member is a firm believer of "Karma", which means that if you do a good deed, something good will happen to you in the future.

Setting aside any personal belief or religion, we all believe that helping people will make you feel good!

how do you meet new people?

We understand that when you just arrived in Japan, you had almost zero knowledge about your surrounding. For example, you are not sure which is the best place to buy groceries, which ramen shop is the best, and etc.

Starts from zero

As you are planning to move to new apartment, you need to start from zero; you need to find new apartment, you need to shop for furnitures, and etc. 2gaijin.com is created to provide convenience, specially during that kind of situation; 2gaijin.com helps connecting you to local community through trade of second hand items.

Killing two birds with one stone

Through 2gaijin.com, you will be encouraged to do transaction with people inside your new community. This will not only help you getting some new items easier, but also help you to get to know new some people who you can meet daily.